Detection of Vehicles

Vehicle Detection system is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles number in a highway,their acceleration and it is implemented by Technoperia software staff. Since every vehicle has a dynamic acceleration, finding their acceleration is a complicated task but our the system presented in this study with some kind of techniques can show the exact acceleration of a moving vehicle. Nowadays, there is an urgent need for the robust and reliable traffic surveillance system to improve traffic control and management with the problem of urban congestion spreads. Vehicle detection technique appears to be the weakest link in traffic surveillance and control system. Although many detect devices such as closed loop, supersonic and radars exist and are widely used, the most important drawback of these equipments is their limitation in measuring some important traffic parameters and accurately assessing traffic condition. The first reason is that “blind” type of detection technology is employed. The forementioned sensors can not provide full traffic scene information. Detecting through video image processing is one of the most attractive alternative new technologies as it offers opportunities for performing substantially more complex tasks and providing more information than other sensors. Therefore, developing real-time traffic parameter surveillance systems based on video aiming to derive reliable and robust traffic state information has attract a lot of attention during the past decade. As a result, vehicle detection and tracking by stationary video camera is one of the most promising new techniques for large scales traffic information data collection and analysis.

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