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Custom software development

Despite the advent of web apps, traditional desktop applications & software still have use in business IT infrastructure. Convenience in usage, higher levels of privacy and control as well as high performance at competitive pricing are some of the advantages of traditional desktop applications.

Over the years we've created a range of Custom Software Solutions - for industries ranging from retail to the highest level. We utilize a thorough, step-by-step process flow:


Nobody knows your business the way you do. That’s why our first step is to learn as much from you as possible in order to refine and structure your requirements, ensuring that implementation is as smooth as possible.


Our designers are creative experts. Once we’ve determined what you need, they help shape and craft your vision into an inspired, aesthetically pleasing product so your users have a favorable experience, not a frustrating one.


We do our best to involve you in the implementation process with frequent milestone deliverables and progress reports. Additionally, the code we write is clear, concise and maintainable. We’d like to be able to work with this code—and you—for years to come.


Scopic helps prepare for the launch of your product by making sure it integrates seamlessly with your existing environment. Your end goal is the same as ours: successful deployment. We then hope to continue our partnership with ongoing support and future development.

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